Visual API Demo

Emsi recently released our new Talent Benchmark API. The core feature of this API is simplicity. You don't need to understand data types and sources, taxonomies, or normalizations to use it — just provide a job title and city and you get results.

Whenever we release a new dataset or API, I like to build a quick visual prototype to go along with it. This makes it possible to:

  1. Understand the new data or API
  2. Identify outstanding problems (I can't emphasize enough the value of putting yourself in the shoes of an end user this way)
  3. Communicate the capabilities of the new API to non-technical folks (I talk more about this here)

In this case, thankfully there were few problems and I could jump straight to communicating the capabilities with how I designed the interface. Here's the end result:

I was particularly pleased with the "flipping cards" animation — it really conveys the idea that you are getting a peek at the code under the curtain.